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Sarah Cothran - As The World Caves In ##TOP##

A song about the end of the world is TikTok's surprising new score to heartwarming moments. Songwriter Matt Maltese released "As the World Caves in" back in 2017. The story behind it is that two world leaders meet and have "one last night of romance together" before they destroy the world. "Hopefully it comes across romantic, sexy, but also sinister and stupid," Maltese told the Fader in 2017. Now, Sarah Cothran, a TikTok-famous artist with 1.5 million followers, popularized the song with her auto-tuned cover. "Oh girl it's you that I lie with / As the atom bomb locks in / Oh it's you I watch TV with / As the world, as the world caves in," Cothran sang. The user @ivyvibing played the song to show how joyful it is when their dog Ivy runs up to them in excitement. @imparkerburton had a more humorous moment in mind when he played Cothran's cover as a group of SpongeBob SquarePants mascots danced. Squidward notably denies a girl's request to dab (a popular dance move). "This is art, someone said

Sarah Cothran - As The World Caves In



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