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What is Global CFG Zip and How to Get It for iGO Software

json: the configuration format is using the same format as used in the manage configuration section of the manage configuration section. there are two fields: config_type and config_value. the config_type field must be set to "cfg" and the config_value field must be set to the name of the configuration property being set. for example, in the case of the configuration property, the config_type field must be set to "cfg" and the config_value field must be set to "".

global cfg global cfg zip download

 language code: a four-digit string is the language code, lowercase, upcase, or both. en-us,fr is valid. en and fr may be lowercase or uppercase. three-letter language codes are not allowed, and must be one of the above four-digit strings.

 a variable (e.g.,.net): a name with a set of variables separated by periods. any variables must be enclosed in double quotes. variables can contain spaces. the variables and their values can be separated by commas or semicolons. a literal string is not allowed.

the source repository for the build artifacts (such as the build artifacts). if omitted, the default internal repository is used. an enterprise application must have at least one shared repository. when this field is omitted, the default repository is defined.

the command is a special one. global/post/mod-get is used to evaluate the entire orb of libs gotest/tools0.0.10 and any sub-orb of it (if the orb is larger than the maximum depth that is supported by node-gotest). the gotest/tools0.10/testout orb is gotest/tools0.10's implementation of the test environment as defined in the gotest/bins orb. the tools/cli orb does pretty much the same, but it also adds a minimal command line interface for getting specific commands executed. when the command is used, instead of using the package name as the first argument, the command name is passed as the first argument. here we pass the command g for gotest/tools/cli/g. you can use the cli tool to examine what the command g expands to, using the circleci config process command. the result is shown in the third step of the flowchart below.


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