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Kadhalar Dhinam Movie Hd 1080p Blu Ray

greetings joss! i saw this film when it came out, and i agree that it was probably the most interesting and artful hindi film i had ever seen. the kunal singh and sonali bendre performances are wonderful and the film as a whole is compelling and incredibly moving. there are other aspects of the film that i found quite annoying, as i mention in my post. but the film is great, and, like i mentioned above, i think it's the only hindi film i've seen that is as original and as sincere as the tamil film kadhalar dhinam. i also think that it's a beautiful film, and one i'll probably never forget. (although i have a very difficult time remembering the title of the tamil film.) thanks for the well-wishes, charlie

kadhalar dhinam movie hd 1080p blu ray


thanks for your visit! i'd say the same about the tamil movie. i think they did an amazing job on the story and the characters, and i think the story is very poetic. and what an amazing performance by kunal singh! i think it's probably the best and one of the best performances in a film i've ever seen in my life. and the tamil version is just as good in my opinion. i like the hindi version as well, but to be honest, i don't really like the hindi dubbing. i think it's better suited to young boys, and that might be why the hindi version isn't as successful. but i think both versions are great and i'm happy with them. thanks for the well-wishes, charlie

hey joss, the minute i saw the movie i knew that this is the best movie i've ever seen. its just amazing the way the songs just flow with the plot and the way the story unfolds and then even the songs are just so beautiful. i'm really happy that you liked this movie. i think its the best movie i've ever seen, no matter what language it was. thanks for your visit.


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