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Flamenco Roots Alex Twin [WORK]

Of course I would. Flamenco's roots are mysterious--they comes from the Andalusian region of Spain, and were created when the area was part of the crumbling empire of the Moors--an Arab and African people--who ran the south of Spain. The Romani tribes were from India, and had lived as slaves in the Persian empire. Who knows how the two people interacted, but in one way it is known--they call it flamenco. Prominent among the non-Christian outcasts were the Jews.

Flamenco Roots Alex Twin

The flamenco-inspired folk album set the precedent for Rosalía's prosperous musical career after snagging the Spanish singer her very first Latin GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist and producing a slew of live appearances that led to her catching the attention of her label, Columbia Records. Today, Rosalía's flamenco roots continue to paint her discography on award-winning albums El Mal Querer and Motomami. 041b061a72


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