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Avermedia Averdigi Eb1304 Software UPD Download

the most important thing you need to know is the passcode for the system. you will be prompted to setup when you run the software. you must choose the correct system passcode. after that, the system will start. the default name of the system is the name of the nvr. you can change the name of the system if you wish. the default username is the system user name. you can change the username if you wish.

Avermedia Averdigi Eb1304 Software Download

Download Zip:

one surprise, as mentioned above, was the unusual channel assignment. our 802.11n ap on channel 11 was overly aggressive and interfered just slightly with our nvrs neighbors. when we asked avermedia how to change this channel, we learned that end-user reconfiguration was not possible. according to avermedia, our review unit used a channel between 1 and 13 because it was developed at the companys headquarters and not changed to the us-defined range (1-11). the company plans to update firmware on all us eb1704hb wifi-4 units to revert to the us-defined range in the near future. (firmware updates are normally issued on monthly or at least quarterly basis.)

a third surprise was the inability to secure wi-fi networks. we were unable to use the supplied password-protected wireless network utility, and tried to use another password-protected network, but could not log in. we discovered that you need to use either the averdigi official forum for updates, or the avermedia support web site to obtain password-protected wi-fi network utility. we assume that this feature will be introduced in future firmware updates.

the eb1704hb wifi-4 appears to be a good-quality nvr. avermedia has included several unique features, such as wired- and wireless-operated cameras. and for the price, the four-camera bundle is a good value. however, we found the overall experience with the eb1704hb wifi-4 to be less than satisfying. in addition to the technical challenges mentioned above, we encountered another annoyance with the averdigi firmware, which we believe could have been prevented by better documentation.


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