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La Chitarra Volante 1 Download 106

La Chitarra Volante 1 Download 106

La Chitarra Volante 1 is a complete, easy and fun guitar method created by Vito Nicola Paradiso. Two funny characters guide the students on a fascinating journey to discover music with the guitar as a magical means of transport. The approach to learning is agile and practical, and the progress is fast. In this way, the students quickly acquire the technical independence and musicality necessary to support and develop their passion for the instrument. The pieces proposed are of different genres and in progressive order of difficulty. The attached CDs are all minus one: with the guitar solo and the accompaniment bases.

If you are looking for a way to download La Chitarra Volante 1 for free, you might be interested in the following options:

Download File:

  • You can download a PDF version of the book from [], where you can also find other books by Vito Nicola Paradiso. The PDF file is about 18 MB and contains 88 pages. You will need a PDF reader to open it.

  • You can also download the audio files from [Stretta Music], where you can buy the original book as well. The audio files are in MP3 format and have a total size of about 106 MB. You will need an MP3 player to listen to them.

  • Another option is to visit the [Edizioni Curci] website, where you can find more information about the book and its author. You can also order the book online or find a local dealer near you.

La Chitarra Volante 1 is a great guitar method for beginners and intermediate players who want to learn music in a fun and engaging way. It covers various aspects of guitar playing, such as chords, scales, rhythms, melodies, styles, techniques, and more. It also includes exercises, songs, games, quizzes, and tips to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you will enjoy playing La Chitarra Volante 1. Happy guitar learning!


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