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Google Accidentally Breaks Down Ad Blockers In Chrome Browser

Google, which makes most of its money from online ads, insists it wants ad blockers to continue working under the latest, more locked-down iteration of its Chrome browser extension platform, known as Manifest v3.

Google Accidentally Breaks Down Ad Blockers in Chrome Browser

Technically, ad blockers do not block ads; they block requests that download content into your browser. In simple words, ad blockers protect third-party vendors from downloading ads on your browser, allowing web pages to load faster, thus providing you with a better experience.

Ad blockers work on the principle of filter lists. These filter lists determine what to block and what to permit to appear on your browser. These lists consist of URLs segregated under two parts, allowlist and blocklist. Clear as their names, allowlist comprises URLs that should be permitted to appear on your browser, and blocklist contains URLs that should be prevented from downloading content on your browser.

Unlike other adblockers, Fair Adblockers gives users complete control of blocking ads. It means that users can decide what to permit and deny from being displayed and downloaded on the browser. This comes as a relief to many internet users because you do not always want to block all the ads. There are times when you want to be aware of a specific type of ad. With Fair Adblocker, you get to control your experience by allowing particular types of ads you wish to support.


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