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Dr.dolittle 2 Tamil Dubbed Full Movie Download

Doctor Dolittle 2 Tamil Dubbed Full Movie Review

Doctor Dolittle 2 is a comedy movie released in 2001, starring Eddie Murphy as the famous doctor who can talk to animals. The movie is a sequel to the 1998 hit Doctor Dolittle, which was based on the children's books by Hugh Lofting. In this movie, Doctor Dolittle must help a group of forest animals who are threatened by a greedy developer who wants to destroy their habitat. He also has to play matchmaker for two bears, Archie and Ava, who are the last of their kind and need to mate to save their species.

The movie is directed by Steve Carr and written by Larry Levin. It also features the voices of Steve Zahn, Lisa Kudrow, Norm Macdonald, Michael Rapaport, and Isaac Hayes as some of the animals. The movie was a commercial success, grossing over $176 million worldwide. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the animal effects and Murphy's performance, but criticized the plot and humor.


If you are looking for a fun and family-friendly movie to watch, you might enjoy Doctor Dolittle 2. The movie is available in Tamil dubbed version on [Disney+ Hotstar], where you can stream it online or download it offline. You can also purchase or rent the movie on [Movies Anywhere], where you can watch it on any device.

Here is a trailer of the movie from [YouTube]:


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