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Using your Silhouette for the first couple of times can be very intimidating. After I completed my first project I felt so much better and felt like I could tackle anything. I have created a Silhouette Bootcamp series to teach you how to use the silhouette software when designing projects. I have created a series of posts that will walk you through understanding all the important parts vinyl and using it in your Silhouette CAMEO. This guide is for the updated version 4 software.

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I love all the projects you show us done with your silhouette! The decorating projects and organizing ones too. The kits of extras really excite me and make me want to experiment! I would love a machine to play with!

I would recommend being very careful with that bag. I bought it for my silhouette c3. It was I think originally designed for a cricut but it was too small for my silhouette. I had several conversations with the company and they stood behind my concern and refunded. They asked me how it was too small, I told them. And sent them pictures. Last conversation I had with them they were planning to make it just a bit bigger to fit the Sil. They also make bags for the easy press which are great. I own two of those and oneFor my sewing machine. Luxja is a good company from what I can see though. I hope they do adjust the bag so the cameos all fit.

On, sunglasses have been available online since summer 2020. Now Silhouette introduces the first online ordering processes for optical lenses, combining total online service with professional advice and fine-tuning by local retailers. Following a successful start with opticians in Austria and Germany, successive rollouts are now scheduled internationally. fulfills a dual purpose, embodying the brand and offering users highly convenient ordering processes, both in online purchases and click&collect transactions for pickup at the preferred optician. This requires the mapping of complex technical and legal processes in the background, embedded in the corresponding cooperation with sales partners. While this first process step is quite complex, the prospects are promising: The customer master data stored in the ordering system can create rich added customer service value in future marketing automation steps.

Hi! I have been working with sillhouette cameo for 4 years, but have had the same problem twice with both of the machines i have bought: cameo 2 and cameo 3. I use it only to cut 200 gr paper, but after a while the llight cuts work ok, but the full cut starts to stay behind. I have tried new blades, new matts, new everything and it wont work. I have talk to silhouette but they had no idea how to fix it. Has this happened to you? Do you know if there is a way to fix it? I dont want to keep buying machines and changing them after year and a half. I would love to hear your opinion.Thank you in advance,Camila 041b061a72


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