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Sprinkle Dreams is delightful!! Milk chocolate mixed with hazelnuts and waffle cone bits and topped with sprinkles, what could be better! It always makes me think of summer and it's the perfect treat! It's one of my favorites!


Today my friend shared with me a chuo Sprinkles Dream chocolate bar. It was very tasty, I admit, but I could get only 2 wafflecones and a very small amount of hazelnuts in my bar. There was an abundance of sprinkles, so many that it and the actual chocolate was the only part I could taste.

late 14c. (implied in sprinkled), frequentative of sprenge (see spring (v.)) or via Middle Dutch, Middle Low German sprenkel "spot, speck," from PIE root *(s)preg- "to jerk, scatter" (source also of Latin spargere "to scatter, sprinkle"). The meaning "rain lightly" is first recorded 1778.

Funded by a Cal Poly Instructionally Related Activities Grant and supported by the College of Liberal Arts, sprinkle provides undergraduate and early career graduate students with learn-by-doing opportunities in academic publishing that include writing, editing, managing, and reviewing scholarly, activist, and creative submissions.

Happy to take the spotlight with pasta in all its forms, Pasta Sprinkle is equally at home in the background subtly making all your garden-fresh favorites that much better. Salt can take the day off when you have Pasta Sprinkle for homegrown tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, squash, cucumbers, and even corn on the cob. Wonderful sprinkled on chicken or fish before baking as well.

Unicorns and rainbow sprinkles are colorfully delicious with one full serving of fruits and veggies in this favorite rice Crispy Treat. You will enjoy real sprinkles, vanilla, crispy rice, and other real ingredients in this perfect blend of yummy. 041b061a72


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