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Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser [REPACK]

In this sequel, Joe Dirt (David Spade) tells a woman sitting on a bus bench what has happened to him since the first movie. Joe is happy, living in a trailer with his wife Brandi (Brittany Daniel) and three kids. His luck takes a turn, however, when a tornado sends him back 50 years in time. He meets Brandi's mother as a teenager in 1965, as well as the father of one of his tormentors, and he also meets a teenage garage band that later will be called Lynyrd Skynyrd. After buying a set of comic books for spare change that he knows will be worth tens of thousands of dollars, Joe buries them and believes he's been sent back in time to change his fate and be what he believes will make him a better person: rich and successful. He later ends up in Miami circa 1977, where he re-meets a mobster who was good to him in the original movie (Christopher Walken) and with whom he makes a fortune by knowing the outcomes of various sporting events. Now rich and successful, Joe must find a way to get back to Silvertown when he first met Brandi to prove to her that he's no longer a "loser." However, fate has changed, and things are much different in Silvertown, thanks to Joe's changing of the past. Joe must learn that he was a good person all along and that that's more important than being rich.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

Say what you will about David Spade's "Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser," but the locally shot comedy is poised to make history when it arrives next month. That's because the continuing adventures of Spade's mulleted loser of a main character won't be playing in theaters. Rather, it will stream on the website Crackle, making it the first ever made-for-digital sequel to a major-studio film.

At the end of Joe Dirt (spoiler a-Dirt!) Joe finally wins the love of his life, the gorgeous Brandy, played by Brittany Daniel. After two framing devices, the sequel finds Joe and Brandy the happy parents of triplets. But despite having a beautiful family that adores him, poor Joe and his outrageous mullet remain targets for abuse. When his children witness him being made the butt of a humiliating joke, Joe beings to question his lot in life. For a movie so inherently silly, it absolutely nails a particular sense of insecurity felt by fathers the world over: the fear that we\u2019re not worthy of the love our children and partners give us.

Macy's controlled performance is expertly nuanced as his character makes this inner journey from ignorance, to fear, to redemption and acceptance. Dern is as equally effective in her role as the tender and hopeful Gertrude -- a lonely woman looking for love in an increasingly complex world. They both give beautifully measured performances. 041b061a72


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