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Marcelo Nilecram's Pou Ou: How to Download the MP3 and Sing Along

How to Download "Pou Ou" by Marcelo Nilecram as an MP3 File

If you are looking for a catchy and romantic song to add to your playlist, you might want to check out "Pou Ou" by Marcelo Nilecram. This song is a hit in Haiti and beyond, thanks to its smooth vocals, upbeat rhythm, and heartfelt lyrics. In this article, we will tell you more about the song "Pou Ou", its singer Marcelo Nilecram, and how you can download it as an mp3 file.

Who is Marcelo Nilecram?

Marcelo Nilecram is a Haitian singer, songwriter, and producer who started his musical career in 2010. He is known for his fusion of Afro-Caribbean, pop, R&B, and hip hop genres, creating a unique sound that appeals to a wide audience. He has released several albums and singles, including "Je Te Love", "Sizoka", "Mwen Renmen'w", and "Pou Ou". He is also active on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, where he shares his music and interacts with his fans.

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What is the song "Pou Ou" about?

"Pou Ou" is a song that expresses Marcelo Nilecram's love and devotion for his partner. The title means "For You" in Haitian Creole, which is the main language of the song. The lyrics are simple but sincere, as he sings about how much he cares for her, how he wants to make her happy, and how he can't live without her. The chorus goes like this:

Pou ou mwen pral fè tout sa mwen kapab

For you I will do everything I can

Pou ou mwen pral fè tout sa ou vle

For you I will do everything you want

Pou ou mwen pral fè tout sa ou bezwen

For you I will do everything you need

Pou ou mwen pral fè tout sa ou mande

For you I will do everything you ask

The song also features a rap verse by Haitian rapper Baky Popilè, who adds some spice and contrast to the melody. He raps about how he met his girl, how he fell in love with her, and how he wants to protect her from any harm.

How does the song "Pou Ou" reflect Haitian music genres?

The song "Pou Ou" is a good example of Haitian music genres, as it incorporates elements from different musical traditions that have influenced Haiti's culture. Some of these elements are:

  • The guitar: The guitar is a common instrument in Haitian folk music, especially in the genre of twoubadou, which is a type of acoustic ballad that originated from rural workers who sang about love and social issues. The guitar provides a soft and soothing accompaniment to Marcelo Nilecram's voice.

  • The drums: The drums are a vital component of Haitian music, as they reflect the African roots of many Haitians. The drums create a lively and energetic rhythm that makes the song danceable and catchy. The drums also evoke the genre of rara, which is a type of street music that uses bamboo trumpets, metal bells, maracas, and other percussion instruments to create festive sounds during holidays and celebrations.

  • The keyboard: The keyboard adds some modern flair to the song, as it creates electronic sounds that blend well with the guitar and drums. The keyboard also hints at the genre of compas (or konpa), which is a popular style of dance music that originated in Haiti in the 1950s and 1960s by mixing African rhythms, Cuban son, and American jazz and rock.

By combining these elements, the song "Pou Ou" creates a rich and diverse musical experience that showcases the creativity and diversity of Haitian music.

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How can you enjoy the song "Pou Ou" and where can you download it as an mp3 file?

The song "Pou Ou" is a great song to enjoy in different occasions, such as:

  • When you want to relax and unwind: The song has a soothing and calming effect, thanks to its gentle guitar and soft vocals. You can listen to it when you want to chill out, meditate, or sleep.

  • When you want to express your feelings: The song has a romantic and passionate message, thanks to its heartfelt lyrics and rap verse. You can dedicate it to your partner, or use it as a background music for a date night, a wedding, or an anniversary.

  • When you want to have fun and dance: The song has a catchy and upbeat rhythm, thanks to its lively drums and keyboard. You can groove to it when you want to party, exercise, or celebrate.

If you want to download the song "Pou Ou" as an mp3 file, you have several options, such as:


YouTube (with ads)

Spotify (with ads) or Premium ($9.99/month)

SoundCloud (with ads) or Go+ ($9.99/month)


Amazon Music$0.99 or Unlimited ($7.99/month)


In conclusion, the song "Pou Ou" by Marcelo Nilecram is a beautiful and catchy song that you should definitely listen to. It is a song that showcases the talent and diversity of Haitian music, as it blends different musical genres and elements. It is also a song that can suit different moods and occasions, as it can be relaxing, romantic, or fun. You can download it as an mp3 file from various platforms, depending on your preference and budget. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Haitian music. If you want to discover more songs by Marcelo Nilecram, you can check out his other albums and singles on his website or follow him on his social media accounts. Thank you for reading!


What does "Pou Ou" mean in English?

"Pou Ou" means "For You" in English. It is a common expression of love and affection in Haitian Creole.

Who is Baky Popilè?

Baky Popilè is a Haitian rapper who features in the song "Pou Ou" by Marcelo Nilecram. He is known for his songs that address social issues, such as poverty, violence, corruption, and education. He has collaborated with other Haitian artists, such as Rutshelle Guillaume, Roody Roodboy, Trouble Boy Hitmaker, and Izolan.

What is the difference between Haitian Creole and French?

Haitian Creole is a language that evolved from French during the colonial period in Haiti. It is influenced by other languages, such as Spanish, English, African, and Native American languages. Haitian Creole is the most widely spoken language in Haiti, while French is the official language and the language of education and administration.

How can I learn Haitian Creole?

If you want to learn Haitian Creole, you can use various resources, such as:

  • Online courses: There are many online courses that teach Haitian Creole, such as,, and

  • Books: There are many books that teach Haitian Creole, such as,, and

  • Podcasts: There are many podcasts that teach Haitian Creole, such as,, and

  • Music: Listening to Haitian music can help you learn Haitian Creole, as you can hear the pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary of the language. You can find Haitian music on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

What are some other popular Haitian songs?

Some other popular Haitian songs are:

  • "Ayiti Cheri" by T-Vice: This is a patriotic song that celebrates Haiti's beauty, culture, and history.

  • "Pa Gen Manti Nan Sa" by Harmonik: This is a love song that declares the sincerity and honesty of the singer's feelings.

  • "Kite M Cho" by Carimi: This is a party song that invites the listeners to have fun and enjoy life.

  • "Mwen Bezwen Yon Fanm" by J Perry: This is a humorous song that describes the singer's need for a woman in his life.

  • "Ou Se Melodi" by Rutshelle Guillaume: This is a sweet song that compares the singer's partner to a melody that fills her heart.


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