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Skillet - Standing In The Storm (Official Lyric Video) [BETTER]

Having listened to it, I can definitely see that the song heads that direction. It has a jamming beat that you do not want to miss. They definitely took the time to honor their rock roots while also delivering it in an epic way. The song is has an impactful message about standing your ground no matter what storms come your way. It definitely helps knowing that many bands are working to encourage folks while society seems so low. Skillet has taken up that mantle.

Skillet - Standing In The Storm (Official Lyric Video)

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SKILLET's latest single, "Surviving The Game", the first from their forthcoming album "Dominion" (due on January 14 via Atlantic),has made a strong debut, already accumulating over 6.5 million streams. Its music video has been viewed over 2.7 million times, and has seen some great sport sync usage, including a recent MLB hit. Now, their second instant grat track, "Standing In The Storm" is available upon pre-ordering "Dominion". Fans also have access to a lyric video for "Standing In The Storm", which swirls around the key line "I've still got some life in me", culled from one of Korey Cooper's journals. 041b061a72


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