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the authorities have said the cause of the cracking has not been determined. the issue has prompted a call for increased oversight of the center. the cracks at the transbay center are the latest in a series of construction problems that have dogged the project.

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in 2014, after the authorities hired the firm of miller, boynton & associates to examine the condition of the building's foundations, the authority hired the building's original engineers to do an assessment of the building's steel and concrete. that report found no cracks in the slab, but it also said that some of the connections of concrete columns to the slabs in the roof and on the lower floor were not designed to be tight and could have problems with corrosion.

a year and a half ago, the citys design and construction authority issued a report concluding that during the terminal construction process, beams were damaged by being struck by large steel plates that were part of the concrete pouring process. the plates were used to keep the concrete from cracking, but they were too thick to be removed and, as a result, were left inside the concrete, said john goodwin, the executive director of the transbay joint powers authority, which built the terminal.

dhalwala said the problem is that many engineers dont understand the limitations of the structural codes and dont know what would constitute a fracture. they dont understand that a small crack could cause a building to collapse.

dhalwala said the models that he uses show what a crack would look like. in reality, however, a crack doesnt have to be perfectly horizontal, meaning it doesnt have to go through the entire web. it can actually be a tiny vertical crack, he said.


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