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Buy Gift Basket Supplies

Nashville Wraps has all the supplies you need to build the perfect gift basket! We can help you grow your gift basket business with unique & beautiful gift baskets supplies. Browse themed basket boxes, market trays, nested boxes, paper shred, shrink wrap, cellophane wrap, ribbon and bows.

buy gift basket supplies

From crinkle cut paper and tissue paper shreds to fine cut paper and wood excelsior, adding filler to your basket containers is important for support and to add color and texture. Nashville Wraps offers so many options in dozens of colors and various sizes to fit your needs from 40 lb cartons to 8 oz bags and everything in between. Browse our entire line of shred.

Finding the perfect size bag to showcase your gift baskets is easy with all the options in cello basket bags or poly bags. You might prefer clear cello rolls or cello rolls with printed designs. All of our cello is made in the USA, crystal clear and of the highest quality.

Find all the shrink wrapping supplies&nbsp you need for sealing your gift baskets. We carry shrink bags, wrap and film in many sizes. We offer both small and large packs and rolls. Shop top quality shrink wrap equipment and professional heat guns.

Top off your gift baskets with a beautiful bow or ribbon&nbsp, like easy to use pull bows or make your own bow with any of our organza, satin or fabric ribbons. Promote your basket business with custom printed ribbon and labels. Call us at 1-800-547-9727 to talk to one of our custom print specialists today! Remember to add a cute gift tag or enclosure card&nbsp! Shop Nashville Wraps for the best selection for your gift basket business. We are here to help you succeed. Check out our gift basket blogs&nbsp& themed how-to videos!&nbsp

Almac designs, manufactures, and distributes wholesale baskets, boxes, and packaging supplies. Over the last 60 years, we have been delighting customers in the food-service, floral, gift basket, and grocery industries. We take customer satisfaction seriously and maintain a 5-sta5-star rating on over 230 customer ratings on

There are times when nothing quite meets the needs of your packaging the way a carefully constructed gift basket will. When that occasion arises, our gift basket products will allow you to make certain your gift baskets beautifully showcase your items. From basket boxes and market trays, gift basket bags and shrink bags to shred and ribbons and bows, let us help you make your gift basket the perfect presentation. Dimensions are listed L x W x H (length: left to right x width: front to back x height: bottom to top.

Long before I located great places for high-quality foods, snacks, and gifts to fill my gift baskets, I knew where many were found. However, I also knew that there were certain places that would be off my list. Those places included:

Yes, you can buy from these places and put them in gift baskets. Keep in mind that buying from these retailers increases the cost of making your designs to the point where you may not make money when selling the gifts. There are wholesale suppliers that sell similar quality merchandise for a much-lower cost, and you can find them through online research.

Disney products are not sold at a discount.* You will have to pay full price for authentic products. This again, increases the price you pay to create gift baskets that include Disney merchandise, but the person who receives the gift may be priceless in your life.

At, you will be able to find high-quality and affordable gift basket supplies at fantastic wholesale prices for your Gift Basket business. Or you can also shop from our ready-to-go wholesale gift baskets. Visit us often to take advantage of our website specials and promotions.

Such products also make the receiver feel as though you went to the ends of the earth to find goods just for her. This is why filling gift baskets with traditional brand name items may not be a wise choice, especially if you are competing with other gift basket makers.

They could well be the closest thing to the perfect gift because they can be totally customized to suit the giver, the recipient, the occasion and the desired price. For some people, creating them is the perfect business: an opportunity to be artistic, creative and entrepreneurial.

Certainly it's an industry with tremendous "fun" potential. You get to buy lots of cute, clever gift items; you get to pull those items together in an attractive container and create a charming presentation; and you get to provide a product that delivers infinite pleasure to the recipient. Both givers and receivers of gift baskets appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of the concept.

There's also a respectable profit potential. As popular as they are, the market for gift baskets is still wide open and the sales opportunities are virtually limitless. But this isn't a game; it's a serious business. It doesn't require a great deal of startup capital--many successful gift basket businesses were started with just a few hundred dollars. What it does require is thoughtful planning, preparation and commitment fueled by a strong dose of excitement and enthusiasm.

The market for gift basket businesses is no longer limited to a single consumer looking for a unique gift. At one time, women made up the largest segment of the industry's market, both as customers and basket recipients. But that situation is changing. The two primary gift basket markets are now the individual gift-giver and the corporate client. Both can be lucrative and fun to serve.

The individual gift-giver is more likely to be a woman. This is because men may order a gift basket, but they typically only think of it after they've seen one. Women are more likely to have seen, sent or received gift baskets. Therefore, they're better able to picture the basket they have in mind for someone even if they don't actually have one in front of them as they might in a retail store. Also, women are more likely to know that custom baskets make great gifts.

Another reason women buy more gift baskets than men is that wives, mothers and girlfriends often assume the responsibility of buying gifts on behalf of the men in their lives, even when the recipient is the man's friends, relatives or co-workers.

Corporate clients can be some of your best customers. Most businesses have long gift lists, plus they buy year-round, not just during the holidays. They regularly recognize employee anniversaries, promotions, retirements and birthdays throughout the year. Many also give gifts to customers during the year.

Like individual gift buyers, business customers frequently don't have the time or personnel available to shop. A savvy gift basket business can function as a customer's personal shopper, so all the client has to do is make one phone call and a special gift is on the way.

Having identified your market and determined what potential customers are likely to buy and how much they'll spend, you need to decide on your standard basket offerings. Even though you may promote yourself as a custom basket maker, you need an internal structure of standard baskets to use as a guide for marketing and purchasing.

Most gift basket businesses offer a combination of standard and custom baskets. Custom baskets can be a made-from-scratch arrangement, or a variation on one of your standard offerings. A wonderful way to showcase a special gift--perhaps a family heirloom, photograph or piece of jewelry--is to include it in a gift basket.

Custom baskets will often include items you purchase specifically for that basket, and most of these items will be bought at retail, which means they'll be more expensive than your standard offerings. You'll need to explain this to your customers, find out beforehand how much they want to spend, and work within that budget.

Standard baskets--including gourmet food, toiletry and bath, and wedding and baby shower baskets--can serve as samples you can show to prospective customers. If the contents are nonperishable, you can assemble and store a number of them fairly quickly, lowering your labor costs and allowing you to charge lower prices for these selections.

Consider offering anywhere from six to 20 standard baskets in a wide range of sizes and prices. For example, your chocolate lover's basket (a must for any gift basket business) may come in several sizes and price ranges to suit your customers' needs and budgets.

Calculate how much you need to start your ideal business, and then figure out how much you have. If you have all the cash you need, you're very fortunate. If you don't, you need to start playing with the numbers and deciding what you can do without. The checklist below will serve as a guide for creating a startup budget for your gift basket business. Prices for supplies and equipment are estimated ranges and will vary depending on features, sources and whether they're new or used. What you spend may vary because you may already own some items, such as office equipment or a computer. Don't forget to also factor in rent (unless you're homebased), business license, utility deposits, insurance, any legal and accounting services and your grand opening advertising.

The flexibility of a gift basket business gives you a lot of choices in where to locate your operation and how to get it set up. You can opt for a retail store, a warehouse location, or to work from home. Regardless of your location, you can sell face to face, via mail order or on the internet--or use a combination of these methods.

Though industry surveys indicate that more than half of all gift basket businesses have retail locations, the locations of basketeers who participated in the research for this book showed just the opposite--more than half of them are homebased. Solid research is limited, but anecdotal evidence suggests an abundance of successful homebased gift basket operations.

Because of the room required to store inventory and assemble baskets, homebased gift basket businesses will find their growth limited by the available space. Whether or not this is a problem for you depends on your own personal goals. If you're looking to create a sizable company with several employees and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in sales, you'll need a commercial location. But if your goal is a small business that generates a comfortable income for you, being homebased may be the ideal situation. 041b061a72


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